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In intuitive understanding of development as unity and conflict of opposites from all dosokratovsky thinkers Heraclitus promoted most daleko1 Certainly, the dialectics is not stated in the clear and ordered concepts here, these are rather separate ingenious supervision.

At Anaksimandr the perspective which Thales only abstractly designates, - a perspective of emergence and formation of life meets. Ability of life is attributed to directly certain type of a matter here Besides, Anaksimandr carries to a natural number of development of animals also the person.

T.o. a geraklitov the philosophy represents not integral theoretical system of a dialectic campaign to the world, but, at least, here it is possible to speak about an intuitive explanation of intrinsic lines of dialectics.

Ontologic views of Ksenofan are closely connected with his understanding of knowledge. Feelings cannot give the grounds of true knowledge, but conduct only to opinions and a kazhimost. Feelings conduct to conviction that the world is many-sided and changeable. Such skeptical approach to sensory perception became characteristic for all eleysky school.

Atoms, according to Democritus, are infinite, only if it is about their size and number. They are also infinite and concerning distinction of forms. The speech goes about the thought of infinity of a matter expressed in the spirit of that time here.

Secondly, during this period interesting ideas about life, a fundamental principle, the movement, a matter, knowledge which defined the main directions of philosophizing for rather long subsequent period were stated.

Its concept of images - EYDOLOV also testifies to significance which Democritus attached to sensory perception. Eydola arise somewhere between an objective thing and appropriate authority of feelings of the subject of perception. The subject allocates from itself in air something, similarity of a subject which in turn squeezes into damp part of an eye. Actually the image of a subject arises somewhere in space between a subject and an eye and as the print gets to appropriate authority of feelings. Therefore Democritus assigned to sensory perception the main and irreplaceable role, seeing in it the first and main prerequisite of any further knowledge.

Zenon became famous, generally clarification of contradictions between reason and feelings. According to the principles of eleysky school Zenon also breaks off sensory and rational perception. True he unambiguously recognizes rational knowledge, sensual, in his opinion, conducts to unsoluble contradictions. Zenon showed existence of border at sensual poznaniya1

Democritus completely divides Levkipp's doctrine about atoms and emptiness. Democritus adds to characteristics of atoms also the size and weight. However, he did not consider weight as essential property of atoms, but recognized it as a simple consequence of that a veil that they have a certain size. In this way and size does not give the qualitative characteristic of atoms.

The second stage of development of space begins with emergence of single, separate things. This emergence is connected with gradual arrival of hostility which at this stage seeks to force out love. The main elements in this period are still partially connected and partially shared.