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Measure of encouragement is also providing the additional rights. As individual encouragement it not seldom contacts assignment of various honorary titles. It must be kept in mind that providing the additional rights can lead to opposition of certain children to collective. Therefore it is important that similar encouragement it was carried out taking into account public opinion of collective, was considerably function of collective.

In some cases by the teacher such measure as an order to the pupil can be used to rise at a school desk. Such punishment is expedient in elementary and teenage grades, in relation to restless, not accurate pupils. Having risen near a school desk, being at a stare of the teacher, drawing to itself attention of all class, the pupil involuntarily concentrates, gains concentration. Having convinced that it was reached by sense of punishment, the teacher should put immediately him yes a place. The mistake is made by teachers who put the pupil near a school desk sometimes for a long time, and sometimes manage, having put to keep them in the different ends of a class which a little such were guilty so till the end of a lesson.