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In the conclusion I want to add the following. For the most qualitative and fast effect all above recommendations (the section needs to be applied only in a complex and at the same time, but not parts and/or at different times.

The advantage of delegation of powers is, first of all, that it promotes formation in collective of the atmosphere of creative activity. The worker to whom certain powers are delegated, receives an independent site and answers to the head for it (i.e. certain responsibility is conferred on it) that in itself is the mobilizing factor.

When charging awards (especially for performance of works especially important, etc.), it is necessary to reduce as much as possible terms between performance of work and receiving (by hands) awards. In this case means that any incentive (in this case material) has to work most quickly. Otherwise its motivating and developing effect is lost.

The greatest changes in management for the last 5-7 years are undoubtedly connected with development of information technologies. Emergence of high-speed computers made access to information and its processing faster and reliable, thus information is provided in any demanded form. Big application is found by statistical and mathematical methods, such as mathematical programming and a technique of research of operations at decision-making.

Employment policies and procedures differ in the insufficient reasonableness and excessive severity that sharply reduces enthusiasm of employees and, respectively, their labor productivity. It is necessary to tell that the above rules, are not officially approved document and therefore cannot be the document which is officially regulating the general rules of work of staff of the enterprise.

Where it is necessary – to put special desk lamps (on clamps or prishchepa) is will allow to accelerate process of work with documents and considerably to lower quantity of mistakes during the work with them. To charge to plan this process to the head of the General department.

In addition to it I can add the following. It is necessary, together with material incentive as it is possible to use more widely at the enterprise the principle of moral encouragement (and not just punishments as it is applied at the enterprise pretty often). So, any, well performed work, in particular, if it is connected with personal responsibility, has to be is noticed and noted by the head's praise (and sometimes and an award!).

High rates of an obsolescence and continuous changes, characteristic today for the chemical and biological industry, the sphere of high technologies quickly extends on other branches of production, compelling them to carry out technical and organizational reforms constantly. Owing to this fact researchers become closer to the management and talented people are already appreciated more, than earlier.