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The ecology of the person is not only accumulation of concrete medicobiological, geographical, social and economic knowledge, and first of all the science which is looking for methods of moral and spiritual education of the person, a way of reorganization of his thinking for understanding of the role in the nature.

Development of economic mechanisms for stimulation of the actions for environmental protection based on criteria and the accounting of sberezhenny stocks of health. Definition of the saved means due to decrease in probable incidence.

The destiny of the nature and society, all mankind, our planet has to excite everyone. The indifference and irresponsibility can lead to unpredictable and irreversible consequences, devaluation of the most valuable quality of human spirit morals. It is disturbing in ours the world because of a suspense of many global problems. The earth – one on all, and everyone bears responsibility for its safety.

Ecological researches not only are got by a pragmatism, but also bring up a civil liability for a state of environment, careful attitude to resources of the nature and to the most valuable biological capital – to the person.